The world's most
common Micro Payment Ecosystem

Used in all transactions. Everyone uses. To be distributed entirely via referer drop. Based on the power of the world wide global cyrpto community micropayment ecosystem.

Micro Pay Token Comunity

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How It Works

Learn how micro pay token spread all over the world!

stepMicro pay token is offered and begins to spread with the power of communities all over the world.
stepMicro Pay Token is valued and released to the market and gains a place with this transaction wave.
stepIt becomes the main element of all payments and microtransactions through the MCTO Mobile application.
stepNow, on the other hand, it is an asset above an investment tool. All your transactions have become easier thanks to its strong decentralized network.


Flow plan of micropay network

Explore the exciting future of Micro Pay Token with our comprehensive roadmap. Explore the innovative features we have planned from 2024 to 2025 and continue to revolutionize the landscape of powerful decentralized software, hardware and breakthroughs.


  • Micro Pay Token Created

    Solana network

  • Website Launch Started

    Airdrop, Swap, Transfer features are active

  • Token beginning of natural listing process
  • Listed on all exchange markets and fully liquid

    With the target of 100K holders, exchange listing will naturally be expected.

  • Making payments and transfers available to users from the Solana Network

2024 - 25

  • Private Micro Payment Wallet System
  • All features of micro payment token
    Its mobile application is decentralized and is like a store, a bank and cash for you
  • Futuristic investment fully integrated and designed with other ecosystems.